When Buying Art

6 Important Things to Watch Out for When Buying Art


You heard of art for sale in London, so you dutifully came. You are looking at paintings at an art exhibition, auction, fair, or gallery. As other well-informed art collectors ask intelligent questions and strike deals, you are unsure what to make of each painting you see.

How do you even tell it is the original? How do you cover up your ignorance about art so that you are not duped into buying fake art?


Perhaps the biggest challenge art lovers face is getting tricked into buying fake art for the original. You should be vigilant when purchasing art because not all of them are what the artists or sellers say they are. Some tricksters have little trouble duplicating or faking the original artistic work.

Take the time to go through documentation and do some background checks before closing the deal. Some artists actually impersonate others, claiming to be who they are not. Make sure you are dealing with the real artist. It also helps to know many artists — Harry Brioche, for instance.

Emotional Connection

Other than its visual appeal, how else do you connect with the art? There has to be an emotional connection. Maybe you personally know the artist, perhaps as a friend. Maybe you attended his art exhibition once upon a time, somebody once told you about him. But you don’t always have to know about the artist in advance.

 Learning about the artist at the time of buying can also create an emotional connection. Once you have understood their background, you will appreciate the hidden significance of their work. So when you hear “Alison Johnson art for sale,” you should start finding out who Alison Johnson is.

It can also not be about the artist, but the art itself: does it remind you of something significant, an event, someone, etc? That will draw a personal connection between you and the art. The art should have some emotional significance to you.

Your Taste

You are buying art primarily for yourself, so you need to put your taste ahead of everything else. If you have a taste for art, look for something that turns the taste on: landscapes, dull colors, abstract shapes, or happy faces.

Buy something you will always admire even when alone, not just when you show it to your visitors. Art is something you fall in love with.

The Size

As you watch the art at the exhibition, never forget about the intended space, be it your office or living room. Will the painting fit your available wall space?

Your Budget

One awkward position you can find yourself in is falling in love with art, thanks to the emotional connection and all, but only to realize it is way far beyond your budget. Now you are torn between your budget and your love for the art.

The price of any art is determined by several factors, such as the reputation of the artist, its size, or its condition. When buying art, it’s not wise to check exhibitions far beyond your budget. You will break yourself down emotionally. Stick to arts you know you can afford based on preliminary inquiries and choose one there. This will save you time. There are exhibitions fit for only millionaires.

For instance, if you know that Yvonne Coomber paintings could be within your budget, you will take the time to check if you hear Yvonne Coomber original paintings for sale somewhere.

Parting Shot

With the above taken good care of, you will likely end up with the art you deserve, which will always make you happy.


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